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Optical Assembly Design for Semiconductor Industry

Experts in Fiber Optics for End Point Detection & Film Thickness Measurement Instrumentation System

 The design possibilities are virtually limitless as are the various requirements for an OES IEP system. Any system must consider: source interface, temperature, spatial energy balance, tool interface and instrument interface. Materials must be matched to wavelengths and the instrument for optimum coupling efficiency. We can help with all of that, and we work best when we work as part of your team. We consider each and every application unique. We factor in the entire optical path and the physical realities. We will also consider the cost benefit tradeoffs and within the bounds of your requirements will help you select the best materials and design characteristics to meet your overall needs.

Fiber Materials– SemiCon plasma applications are often challenged by needing to transmit and sustain deep UV wavelengths. RSOF’s primary business is designing and making fiber optic devices that work in the Deep UV. From solarization concerns to the unique end finishing requirements for shorter wavelengths, to how and why the NA of a fiber may effect your system operation, RSOF has probably been there. And if you are working at atypical wavelengths, even out into the MIR, you will find RSOF can help there too. Our experience with such a wide range of fiber types allows RSOF to tailor our products to meet your specific technical and economic requirements.

End Fittings and Mapping –   RSOF can provide any standard fiberoptic connector or end fitting, but we have also been pioneers developing custom end fittings so the interface to your lamp, tool, or instrument is the best it can be and what you need. We also understand that energy profile matters and some multi-fiber assemblies simply perform better if the fiber locations are mapped to take advantage of that profile. What others struggle with or call custom, is often a standard option at RSOF. We can also easily incorporate various optical and mechanical elements such as f# matching lenses, mounted slits, keyed fittings for alignment and more, to make your system as plug-and-play as possible.

Applications Environment –  RSOF excels in the design and manufacturing of cables and assemblies for a wide range of environments. Yes, RSOF has made assemblies that have been successfully deployed to the bottom of the ocean, into nuclear reactors, and that are operating beyond the outer reaches of the Solar System, but our everyday strength is applying fiber optics to optical measurements and control systems in the SemiCon Industry. So if you need to perform multi-wavelength OES measurements for Endpoint detection and process control but you need to include the deep UV part of the spectrum and you need to do it in vacuum or at high temperatures that prevent direct instrument access. Contact R Specialty Optical Fibers. The standard techniques we do everyday but the hard stuff is our specialty! 

Quality -   All of our products come with a standard 1 year warranty to protect against any defects in materials or workmanship. At RSOF – we stand behind our products 100%!


Applications and Techniques Semiconductor Industry:

  • Optical Emmission Spectroscopy (OES)
  • Inteferometric End Point (IEP) Detection
  • Thin Film Thickness Determination
  • Reflectometry / Interferometry
  • Tiltometry
  • Ellipsometry
  • Scatterometry

Specialties for Semiconductor Industry:

  • Spectrometer Interfacing
  • Lamp or Source Interfacing
  • Process Interfacing 
  • Linear or Curved Arrays
  • Mapped Arrays
  • End Fittings to 300C
  • Deep UV, VIS, NIR, Broadband and MIR
  • Low Solarization
  • Hybrid and Complex Routing