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General Sensing & Fluorescence Probes


Science and Technology  

Cell Viability

Presence/Absence Measurement

Dye Markers

Oil/Water Separators

Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredient (API) Measurement

Surface Fluorescence

Fluorescence of liquids, solids and slurries


RSOF’s Fluorescence, Reflectance & General Sensing probes are developed specifically to improve accuracy and sensitivity of your process measurements. 

The unique designs offered allow RSOF fiber optic probes to be used in demanding environments for slurries, pastes, liquids and solids.

As with all RSOF products, virtually all characteristics of these general sensing & fluorescence probes may be modified for optimization in your specific application. 


Design: Represented in the photo above is a very common configuration. These assemblies however, are available in their simplest form of two fibers to their most complicated with multiple legs incorporating many aperture sizes and end termination types. Elaborate mapping configurations are also available. 

Fiber Materials: RSOF fabricates prototype and production probes using all of the standard types of optical fibers. These include silica core/silica clad, silica core/polymer clad, borosilicate or leaded glass fiber, polymer optical fiber, or various exotic constructions. These fibers cover the Numerical Aperture range from 0.12NA to 0.55NA and the wavelength range from 180nm to 2500nm (although some exotic constructions will transmit well into the IR wavelengths). The fiber types can be step index or graded index, and multimode or singlemode. 

End Fittings: 316L SSTL (standard), Hastelloy C, Monel, Titanium and other materials are a design option. RSOF can also provide any standard fiberoptic connector or end fitting for your probe design. We routinely fabricate custom end fittings to suit your specific custom or OEM application requirements. 

Environment: RSOF excels in the design of probes for a wide range of environments. Whether the installation environment is harsh or benign, RSOF has well over a century of aggregate experience in manufacturing the highest quality fiberoptic assemblies. We have been involved in projects where assemblies have been successfully deployed to the bottom of the ocean, into the harshest portions of nuclear reactors, and to the outer reaches of the Solar System. 

Quality: All of our products come with a standard 1 year warranty to protect against any defects in materials or workmanship. At RSOF – we stand behind our products 100%!


Additional Information


  1. Silica/Silica (UV/VIS)
  2. Silica/Silica (VIS/NIR)
  3. Silica/Silica Low Solarization 
  4. Polymer Clad (High NA) HOH
  5. Polymer Clad (High NA) LOH
  6. POF / PMMA
  7. Other


  1. 50um                   6. 500um
  2. 100um                 7.  600um
  3. 200um                8.  800um
  4. 300um                9.  1,000um
  5. 400um              10.  Other


  1. SMA905              4. 0.250" OD Ferrule
  2. O-Ring SMA      5. 10mm OD Ferrule
  3. FC                        6. Other
  4. ST


  1. PVC Tubing
  2. PVC Furcation Tubing
  3. PVC Monocoil
  4. Flexible SSTL BX
  5. Teflon Tubing
  6. Braided SSTL /PTFE Hose
  7. Other

E. Number of Fibers/Aperture Size

  1. 6 around 1
  2. 18 around 1
  3. 60 around 1
  4. Other

F. Bundle Configuration

  1. Spot
  2. Linear Array
  3. Other

NOTE:  For any configuration that is not accommodated by the specifying system or for high temperature, harsh environments, vacuum or other concerns please call RSOF.

Fiber transmission curves and other performance details can be provided as required.  

Fluorescence Probe datasheet