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RSOF - Optical Fiber Packaging for R&D, Prototypes and Production!

When it comes to Optical Fiber packaging,  RSOF is your one stop shop!





We have successfully applied fiber optic technology to specialty applications over many years and thousands of assemblies.  We have solved one-off problems as well as worked through rigorous R&D cycles to produce and provide production level assemblies and fully packaged devices.

We have been involved in solving problems and manufacturing innovative fiber optic solutions and specialty fiber optic applications since 1982.  

RSOF provides Standard Specialty optical fibers like no one else.  Large core, high temperature, vacuum compatible, SMA or made-to-order fittings - these are the standard fare of specialty fiber optics. 


We Become Part of Your Team

We bring experience of working in the most difficult environments with the most demanding specifications and we deliver this every day!  We don't walk away, we become part of your design  and development team and then a supplier of key components in your production.  RSOF is a relationship you can count on!

Whatever the solutions is, "IT" must work in the real world with real world demands and handling.  "IT" must be manufacturable with quality designed in and achievable over and over, and "IT" must offer value exceeding its cost.


We Know What Matters

RSOF knows what matters, how to get it done with the quality expected and within your budget and timeline.  We make the Non-Standard Standard by giving you what you want versus what is available off the shelf.

Innovative Specialty is designed to suit, signed off by you, made to order and delivered  On Time and On Budget!  



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